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Guided walks - Wordsworth's Hawkshead

Update June 2020 - I've used the time period during the COVID19 lockdown to acquire a greater insight into the local area's history and in particular its connection to William Wordsworth.


Wordsworth went to school in Hawkshead between the age 0f 9 and 17 (1789-1787). He boarded with a family named Tyson who moved to Colthouse, to the house next door to Green End House, in 1784.


I'd often mused on the influence of the environment on the young Wordsworth's imagination - he walked to and from school 4 times a day and had an intimate relationship with the surrounding countryside.


i've designed a walk around Hawkshead and into Colthouse that allows you to share some of the sights and sounds that inspired the young poet and I'd be delighted to guide you.


I hope to hold the these walks regularly from July 2020 - look out for further updates!

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